In 2014 the course is cancelled :(

We are sorry to inform you that this course has been cancelled due to an insufficient number of students.  We spent a lot of effort to put this course together and to advertise it both within and outside the UvA.  We are therefore very frustrated that we cannot go any further with this
initiative but we hope that there will be other opportunities to develop such a course in the context of the ABC.

For students, if you are interested in a tutorial with one of the teachers or one of our invited lecturers please get in touch.

Before the first meeting!

Welcome to our course website!

Please have a look at the course schedule and the selection of papers. In the first class we will ask you to choose papers you would like to present.  You will all need to read the papers for each Tuesday meeting in order to prepare for a Thursday invited lecture. However, there will be one person presenting each paper for 45 minutes and then leading the discussion afterwards. As for the format we would ask you to first present the paper following the authors’ argumentation and then be critical about it, which means you should come up with own critiques (or critiques you read about the paper) and use those critiques in the discussion. We think it is a nice way of generating discussion.