Schedule 2014


Date Presentation Readings
Tuesday, Sep 2nd Jakub Szymanik on logic & cognition Alistair Isaac, Jakub Szymanik, and Rineke Verbrugge. Logic and complexity in cognitive science, Johan van Benthem on Logical/Informational Dynamics, A. Baltag and S. Smets (Eds.), Trends in Logic, Outstanding Contributions to Logic, Trends in Logic book series, Springer, 2014.
Thursday, Sep 4th Enoch Aboh on linguistics & cognition. Peter Culicover. Linguistics, cognitive science, and all that jazz, The Linguistic Review, Volume 22, Issue 2-4, 2005.
Tuesday, Sep 9th Presentation and discussion by Divna Cpajak Rietveld, E. & Kiverstein, J.  A rich landscape of affordances. Ecological Psychology, forthcoming.Bruineberg, J. & Rietveld, E. Self-organization, free energy minimization, and optimal grip on a field of affordances. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8 (599), pp. 1-14, 2014. (READ THIS PAPER FIRST but just the section ‘Skilled Intentionality and Optimal Grip on a Field of Affordances’, pp. 2-4)
Thursday, Sep 11th Erik Rietveld on visual art, architecture and embodied cognition. See also RAAAF website.
Tuesday, Sep 16th Presentation and discussion by Gunnar De Haan Oswald, Steve and Alain Rihs. Metaphor as argument: Rhetorical and epistemic advantages of extended metaphors. Argumentation 28, 133-159.Background reading: Deirdre Wilson and Dan Sperber. Relevance Theory. In Horn, L.R. & Ward, G. (eds.) 2004 The Handbook of Pragmatics. Oxford: Blackwell, 607-632, 2004.
Thursday, Sep 18th Francisca Snoeck Henkemans on metaphors and argumentation.
Tuesday, Sep 23th Presentation and discussion by Tycho Hofstra Benedikt Löwe, Methodological remarks about comparing formal frameworks for narratives, in: Patrick Allo, Giuseppe Primiero (eds.), Third Workshop in the Philosophy of Information, Contactforum van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, Brussel 2011, pp. 10-28Bernhard Fisseni, Aadil Kurji, Benedikt Löwe, Annotating with Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale: Reproducibility and Trainability, to appear in: Literary and Linguistic Computing (see Blackboard for the paper).
Thursday, Sep 25th Benedikt Löwe on what makes stories similar.
Tuesday, Sep 30th Presentation and discussion by ?? Lindley, D. V. The Analysis of Experimental Data: The Appreciation of Tea and Wine, Teaching Statistics, 1993, 15, 22-25.
Thursday, Oct 2nd Eric-Jan Wagenmakers on Bayesian decision making.
Tuesday, Oct 7th Presentation and discussion by ?? Van Der Maas, H. L., Dolan, C. V., Grasman, R. P., Wicherts, J. M., Huizenga, H. M., & Raijmakers, M. E. A dynamical model of general intelligence: the positive manifold of intelligence by mutualism. Psychological Review (4), 842, 2006.
Thursday, Oct 9th Han van der Maas on the issues of general intelligence .
Tuesday, Oct 14th Presentations of project proposals by ???
Thursday, Oct 16th
Presentations of project proposals by ???

2nd block schedule to be announced later