aboh1-resizedEnoch Aboh is a professor of Learnability of Human Languages at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication. He is affiliated within the Research Priority Area Brain & Cognition. He works on learnability of human language with a special focus on theoretical syntax; comparative syntax (e.g., Kwa vs. Germanic/Romance, Kwa vs. Sinitic, Kwa vs. Caribbean creoles); discourse-syntax interface; language creation and language change. For more information see the website.

szymanikJakub Szymanik is an associate professor at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. He is affiliated within the Research Priority Area Brain & Cognition. His research interests include logic, cognitive science, formal semantics, complexity theory, philosophy, and any combination of those. He uses logical and computational tools for cognitive modeling and designing psychological experiments. For more information consult the website.