2015 Course

Wed., April 1General introduction. Motivating examples. Isaac et al., 2014
Fri., April 3No class due to Good Friday
Wed., April 8Reasoning about about others. Verbrugge, 2009
Fri., April 10Reasoning and decision making with quantifiers. Geurts, 2003, Pietroski et al., 2009
Wed., April 15Guest lecture by Nina Gierasimczuk on using proof theory to model cognitive difficulty. Gierasimczuk et al., 2009
Fri., April 17Mental models. Johnson-Laird et al., 2013, Johnson-Laird et al, 2015
Wed., April 22Neuro-cognitive basis of (moral) reasoning.
Fri., April 24Dual theories Evans, 2003, Osman, 2004
Wed., April 29Probabilistic reasoning Tversky and Kahneman 1983, Oaksford and Chater, 2009,
Fri., May 1Meta-reasoning Cox, 2005, Chapter 4 in Icard, 2013
Wed., May 6Mental logic Chapter 4 and 5 in Rips, 1994
Fri., May 8Wrapping-up. Discussing the projects.
Wed., May 13Project presentations
Fri., May, 15No class due to Pentecost
Wed., May 20exam week
Fri., May 22Deadline for research proposals

See more complete syllabus in the Dropbox folder.