Course Organization

Timetable in 2017:
April and May
Mondays 15-17 at SP G0.25
Wednesdays 11-13 at SP G0.12


Students will be asked to write a short (max. 2500 words) interdisciplinary paper (or research project) by May, 25. This final paper will account for 50% of the overall grade. The remaining 50% will correspond to: a short test (10%), one paper presentation (30%), a research project presentation (10), and the active participation in the discussions of readings (including writing a short summary of some other papers and being responsible for a discussion of another papers)(+/-).

Guidelines for grading the papers: language, structure+continuity, creativity, content, problem posing+conclusiveness, references.

Guidelines for grading the presentations: subject knowledge and understanding, organization, clarity, quality of slides, presentation skills, overall impression.

All material will be available here.

Teaching Assistant:
Arnold Kochari will be responsible for scheduling the presentations and grading your assignments.