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Cognitive science research—driven by two forces: psychological (experimental) involvement and explicit theoretical modeling (often computational)—has become extremely influential in recent years. Unfortunately, due to a number of historical coincidences logic has been separated from the psychological research, leading to many mutual misconceptions among psychologists and logicians. Only since the 1960s, together with the growth of cognitive science the two disciplines have started to interact more and more. Today, we finally observe an increase in the collaborative effort between logicians, computer scientists, linguists, cognitive scientists, and psychologists. This is an exciting new challenge and an opportunity both for logic and cognitive science.

The seminar aims at giving an overview of the recent trends and methods in this emerging research area. In 2015 we explored the cognitive science of reasoning. In 2016 we focused on cognitive computational modeling, and its relations to logic, language and information processing. This year we will discus the role of Marr’s levels of analysis in cognitive science explanations.

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