Welcome in 2017/18

This year we will focus on more methodological and philosophical aspects of cognitive computational modeling, and its relations to logic, language and information processing. We will discuss famous Marr’s levels of analysis for cognitive science. 

I will jump start the course by giving a few lectures introducing various methodologies of computational cognitive modelling, mostly following, Part II of The Cambridge Handbook of Computational Psychology edited by Ron Sun. Then, in a more seminar manner, we will discuss a collection of articles mostly from 2015 issue of Topics in Cognitive Science `Thirty years after Marr’s Vision: Levels of analysis in Cognitive Science’. I suggest you already start browsing through the articles, both in the handbook and TopiCS. It should give you a quite detailed impression about the content of the course. Also, already in the first week I will ask you to choose an article you will present, a different paper for which you will write a short summary, and other chapters for which you will be co-responsible for the Q&As.

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